Linocut is a technique of convex printing originating from a woodcut and then going back in time with the frottage technique.

In the classic version of this technique, only the black and white qualities are available. Despite this limitations in technology you can get an impression of diverse surfaces in terms of value and texture.

So-called point linocut made with a different thickness of needles is especially allows. By building a single image white dots seen from a distance give the impression of different shades of grey.


Why linocut? We are surrounded by digital images, deprived of a trace of human hand.

Even reproductions of great art are devoid of human element, they are only a distant echo of the originals.

Linocut as well as all art created analogue in the reception has a magical feature of communing with the creation of human hands and mind.


I am a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. This school has a great tradition of graphic art.

My artistic statement using linocut technique is part of this tradition and at the same time is an attempt to expand the area inspiration and formal solutions.